SOFTAL Corona treatment of films


Surface treatment of films.


The surface treatment of plastic films is the main area of application of corona treatment. Industrial processes based upon a plasma discharge allow operators to increase adhesion of printing inks, lacquers, varnishes, adhesives and coatings on their films in quick, economic and lasting way. It is important to distinguish between pre-treatment, which is performed by plastic film producers during production, and the so-called refresher treatment, which is performed by converters before processing steps such as printing or laminating.


SOFTAL technologies for surface treatment of plastic films:


Corona treatment

Material surfaces are treated with the plasma generated by a dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) to increase their surface energy. An increase in surface energy leads to an increase in the adhesive forces exerted by the surface, which is a major advantage for printing, laminating and other processes. This effect is therefore used frequently in the production and converting of plastic films and other substrates.


Plasma treatment

So-called plasma treatment technology is based on the same principle as corona treatment systems. However, in a plasma treatment system, the discharge is ignited within an atmosphere of pure Nitrogen. This gives the user better control of the process gas atmosphere and treatment results.


Linear Plasma

Linear Plasma is a further development of the Plasma Jet technology and suitable for treatment of large surface areas. As no counter-electrode outside of the electrode housing is required, this technology is suitable for materials of virtually unlimited thickness. Another important feature of Linear Plasma is the ability to generate a potential-free plasma, which is usable on even the most sensitive materials that would otherwise be destroyed by a plasma discharge.



In an ALDYNE™ system, the plasma is ignited within an exactly controlled process gas atmosphere. The composition of the process gas can be adjusted, until the process gas atmosphere and plasma discharge fit the requirements of the related material perfectly. Often used in combination with our patented liquid-cooled electrodes, ALDYNE™ offers extreme results on extreme materials.


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