RDM CF-800 XS Friction Tester


RDM CF-800XS Coefficient of Friction (COF) Tester


The CF-800XS Co-efficient of friction Tester determines the static and kinetic friction properties of plastic films, foils, laminates, papers and boards. The equipment performs tests to recognized international test standards including BS 2782 Method 824A, ASTM 1894, ISO 8295, and TAPPI T549.


The equipment is essential for measuring the slip properties of packaging materials to ensure smooth running on production packaging machines or to measure the effect that a coating or print has on base material. The new CF-800XS features the latest in design and technology for machine set up, testing, measurement and recording using touch panel screen display units. The constant, smooth lead screw driven cross arm ensures reliable and repeatable measurement. Options like temperature circuit for HOT SLIP measurement allow the adaptation to user requirements.


Standards | Norms: DIN 53375, BS 2782 Method 824A, ASTM D-1894-78.